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Sweet Cook is a series that CureKanade created.


Sweet Cook Episodes

When a shy 13 year old girl named Grace Fray finds a mirror in the school kitchen, she thinks that it can't be any original mirror. The next day, Grace hears a voice come from the mirror and goes over to see why the mirror is talking. She looks into the mirror to find a girl around her age trapped in it! She is told about how she got in the mirror and now needs help by someone who will do anything in her power to fight the Venomous and get her out of the mirror. Along with Stephanie and Rebecca, will Grace be able to protect Earth from Venomous and get Scarlet out of the mirror?



  • Grace Fray - Grace is a shy girl who loves to draw and sucks at cooking. She has trouble sticking up for herself and likes eating steak sandwiches. Her alter ego is Sweet Cook and uses a whisk as her weapon which is called the Shiny Whisk.
  • Stephanie Walker- Stephanie is a playful girl who loves lollies and gets distracted easily. She loves sport, especially volleyball. Her alter ego is Popping Candy and uses a Trident as her weapon called Milky Fork.
  • Rebecca Clare - Rebecca is a smart girl who loves English and her favourite subject is japanese. She hates bugs and loves to cook. Her alter ego is Creamy Milk and uses a rod as her weapon which is called Stirring Rod.


  • Venomous Trio - The Venomous Trio is made up from three people. They're named Spit, a young boy who hates food, Poison, loves to give people poisoned food and Virus, who is Spit's older sister.
  • Freeze - Freeze is the boss of the Venomous Trio. He is Venom's right-hand man and will do anything for him.
  • Venom - Venom is the leader of Venomous.
  • Meltzer - Meltzer is the monster of Venomous.