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Takumi Steelstorm
匠スチールストーム 'Suchīrustomu Takumi'
Season 1
Age 17 (S1)
18 (S2)
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Blue
Home Place Steelstorm Mansion
Relatives Mizuki Steelstorm (mother)
Daisuke Steelstorm (father)
Hoshiko Steelstorm (little sister)
Japanese Voice Actor Hiroshi Kamiya

Takumi Steelstorm (匠スチールストーム Takumi Suchīrusutomu) is one of the main protagonist of The Steelstorms.


Takumi is a caring older brother and a loving boyfriend, even if he teases Hoshi most of the time, he cares a lot about her and hates when someone other than him picks on her. Since he is 15 years old, he is known as the Revenant: he fights super-villains while using his astral projection powers, he can shape and manipulate astral energy and can do anything with his life-force energy. He is described as handsome by lot of girls at school, he is extremely popular, lots of girls want to be with him but he is in love with Tsumiko. He knows Tsumiko since his childhood, they were bestfriends just before they fell in love with each other, Hoshiko supports them heavily in their relationship. When Tsumiko was bullyed by girls at his school, he was scary and angry, he hates that girls pick on Tsumiko because she's a normal human. When she developped her powers, he helped her a lot, she was having difficulty controlling them but he supported her a lot. He always carries a picture of a 5 years old Hoshi, he also helped his sister a lot with her powers and still helps her. Takumi loves cooking, he is a little cocky (he is never seen sportswear except when he is doing sport), he loves taking care of his sister.


Takumi has straight blue hair, he has green eyes and a pale skin, he is very tall, he always wears chemise, vests and Richelieu shoes.

His Whitelake uniform is composed of a dark blue blazer with a white chemise and a red tie, he wears dark blue pants, white socks and dark brown loafers.


Takumi is kind, caring, friendly and cute, he never let someone makes fun of his friends and his family, when he is angry, he is described as scary and deadly.

He is a tough fighter and is extremely smart, he is good at planning battle strategies, he is very serious and cocky.


Takumi (匠 Takumi) means artisan.

Steel (スチール Suchīru) is an alloy of metal and Storm (ストーム Sutomu) is a weather disturbance.

Alter Ego[]

Revenant is his chosen alter ego because he only fights when he astral projects himself, he can use astral energy and life-force energy when he is his astral mode. He can pass trough walls, becomes invisible and teleport to his desired place.

He can move objects with his mind, he can burn anything or anyone just by staring at something or just by tought. People tought that he was a ghost (objects moving when he is around, Takumi passing trough walls, him appearing and disappearing) just before realizing that he was just astral projecting.

Powers & Abilities[]

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