Not to be confused with Yatogami Tohka, her original counterpart.

"My trusty ol' sword, I call you thee!"

-Tamara, using her sword.

"Do I know you dear boy?"

-Tamara encounters Samuel again.Samuel and the Super Being

"You had met your match, Foul Beast !"
Appears in Date A Live
Age ???
Gender Female
Race Super Being
Hair Color Dark Purple
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Occupation Student (Starting from the end of Episode 3)
VA (English) Kayzie Rogers
Tamara is one of the main characters in the series: Date A Live. She is one of the Super Beings arrived on Earth.


The first Super Being decended to Earth, and was attacked by the AST. After her retreat, she was encountered by Samuel, and trusts him after he comforted her. With her mighty sword, she can take down any AST members in a single hit.


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Voice Actress

  • English: Kayzie Rogers

Differences between her character in the original TV series/Trivia

  • She speaks in a heavy stereotypical British Accent, similar to Maria Thompson from Magical Molly.
    • It's was mostly because of her wearing an armor, and she was based on a Knight.
  • Her child-like altitude in the original Japanese series remains the same in the dub.
  • Her sword is unnamed in the entire dub.
  • She refers the AST as "Annoying Super Team" Samuel and the Super Being
  • Bella Hudson was intended to voice Tamara, but Kayzie Rogers was selected instead.
    • On the other hand, Kayzie also voiced Maria Thompson.