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Telekinesis (テレキネシス Terekineshisu) is the power to move things with the mind.

Also CalledEdit

  • Psychokinesis
  • Object Manipulation
  • Mind-Over-Matter
  • Telekinetic Power
  • Mind Power


The user can move things with the mind, it needs lot of concentration, skill and precision. With this power the user is able to move objects, to take or avoid them telekinetically by doing things like flicking fingers or by blinking the eyes (like Nari).

If the user is powerful enough she/he can use telekinesis to enhance strength or speed, they can fly and gain a mastered level of their power. The user can use this power to fly or to use weapons without wielding them.

Ways of UseEdit


The user can use telekinesis trough eyes, focusing on a target and move it just by blinking eyes. The user just have to look at something/someone to repel and move it. If the user is powerful enough he/she can channel the power trough another part of the body like the hands.


The user can use telekinesis trough the hands, the user can send an enemy flying by moving the hands, swinging the arm or flick fingers. Just by doing a move with the hands the user can send/move objects with it.



The user can defy gravity and float on the air, the user just have to do a little jump or by rising hands in the air. The user can avoid attack using this power, powerful enough he/she can fly.


The user can upgrade their levitation power to fly, it needs concentration and absolute control, they can move fastly in the air and use the wind to move faster.

Unarmed Weapon WieldingEdit

The user can use weapons without wielding them and guide/target them telekinetically.


If the user gains more control over their power, they can move/control molecules at will, they can manipulate their own molecules (with this they can heal from a wound).

Known UsersEdit

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