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The All-Star Magic Girls
TV Series information
Airdate February 2016-present
Languages English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean
Opening Theme The All-Star Magic Girls
Closing Theme I'm With You
Studio Saban Brands
Distributor Saban Brands

Toei Animation

Original Channel Netflix, Nickelodeon
Original Run 2016-present

The All-Star Magic Girls is a spin-off of Anna's Adventures.


After going on adventures while flying solo, Anna Scott has finally formed a magical girl team.



The All-Star Magic Girls - The titular magical girl group of the series. The All-Star Magic Girls consists of a few different girls, each with unique personalities. Since the group got more and more members as the series went on, the group had to be separated into four different teams.


The Dark 5 -

  • Emperor Ronaru - The emperor of the Dark Magic Zone and the leader of the Dark 5. He sent the Vulture Cops to steal the All-Star Magic Girls' magic items.
  • Lady Phoebe - Lady Phoebe is an analytical and merciless woman who is devoid of almost any mercy or sense of honor.
  • Elric
  • Twyla
  • Gintor

The Vulture Cops - Four human-like aliens who also appear in Anna's Adventures.

  • Roberto Futurelli
  • Ludoviko
  • Kyrie
  • Frederick
  • Nightjar

The All-4-One Magic Boys - A group of boys with magical powers who reign from a dimension called "The D-Side". They are, no doubt, the male counterparts of the All-Star Magic Girls. They were sent by Roberto Futurelli to drain the All-Star Magic Girls of their power, but kept failing to do so.

  • Arthur - The counterpart of Anna. He is fearless leader of the group and the first member of the group to be introduced in the show. He is very loyal and sometimes very cold.
  • Nathan - The counterpart of Merida. He loves writing and has a rather strange interest in odd facts.
  • Jamie - The counterpart of Kennedy. He enjoys being positive towards his friends and peers.
  • Damion - The counterpart of Fiona. He is straightforward and is shown to have a strong sense of justice.
  • George - The counterpart of Geraldine.
  • Chris - The counterpart of Juliana.
  • Ryan - The counterpart of Robyn. He is very outgoing and athletic.


The Charm Pixies - A group of fairies who use their magic to operate the girls' wands and serve as mentors to the girls. 




  1. A Magical Beginning - While running late for her first day at a new school, Merida happens to come across a strange device. The device turns out to be a teleporter, and she meets Anna for the first time. After adjusting to school, Merida learns more about Anna and promises to help her on missions.
  2. Being Merida, Being Kennedy - Merida attempts to convince Kennedy to join her as a magical girl after being told by Anna that there will be more girls to join her.
  3. Fiona Joins The Team - Merida and Kennedy meet up with Fiona after she catches the girls using their wands. Merida decides to skip class to spend extra time with Fiona.
  4. Hey, Geraldine! - Impressed by her courage whilst standing up to some upperclassmen, Merida sees Geraldine Stone as a potential magical girl candidate.
  5. Juliana vs. The Aliens - Merida decides that Juliana would be a perfect magical girl for the team, but she rejects the offer due to how busy she is. The others decide to lend her a hand.
  6. When it All Comes Together - Merida tries to decide who should be the last girl for the team, when given the chance, she convinces Robyn to join the team.
  7. The Lab of Legends - The girls meet Anna's older sister, Sky, who has come to explain to them about Laputa Island and Magic Stars, and shows them the mysterious lab that Merida visited before.
  8. The Perfect Hideout - In order to gain some privacy for The All-Star Magic Girls, the girls attempt to locate the perfect base.
  9. Mystery At The Museum - The girls take a class field trip to the art museum. While there, they bond with a shy girl who admires Anna.
  10. Finally Fairies!
  11. Is It Over Yet?
  12. A Runaway Fairy - Maggie runs away after Merida grows angry with her constant screw ups, and now it's up to Merida to find her fairy.
  13. The Worst Compatibility - Robyn and Juliana get into a dispute - causing the others to realize they have little to nothing in common. However, they try to repair things between their teammates.
  14. All-Star Magic Confidential - A nosy school news reporter wishes to learn more about The All-Star Magic Girls and decides to trail after the girls, noticing how strangely they behave.
  15. Just Like Magic - Kennedy is given the chance to host a talent show - but after the woman performing as the rabbit for a magic act for it gets sick, Merida offers to take her place. Unfortunately, at the last second, she gets stage fright!
  16. Decisions, Decisions - With no more time remaining, Robyn must decide which sports club to join. But as she is good at all of them, she struggles deciding which one she enjoys the most.
  17. Clean-Up Chaos! - Fiona attempts to do the housework while her mother is sick, but her over-zealous nature makes it harder than it originally sounded.
  18. Geraldine's Crush - After the girls notice Geraldine is acting weirdly, they find out she's fallen in love. But after she catches her target of affection with another girl she is crushed.
  19. Operation: Rescue - The girls' fairies get kidnapped, so the girls have to try and rescue them.
  20. Birthday Heist - Fiona is taken captive during the trip to the jewelry store on her birthday.
  21. Fish Out of Water - Julienne takes Merida to the aquarium and Kennedy tags along. But with his last chance to defeat The All-Star Magic Girls on the line, Emperor Ronaru uses this as a chance to attack.
  22. Who's the New Student? - A new transfer student appears and right away he gains everyones attention, except for the one he's after - Juliana's.
  23. Spot the Fakes - It's a race for time when the girls try to find the fake Magic Star before Lady Phoebe does.
  24. Practice Makes Perfect - Geraldine struggles to try to understand the school superstar after she believes the girl doesn't like her. Lady Phoebe takes advantage of this to use Maddie as part of her plan to defeat The All-Star Magic Girls.
  25. Midterm Mission
  26. April Fools! - After being told about April Fools Day, Kennedy decides to play a joke on her friends - but it winds up spiraling out of control and she doesn't know how to tell them the truth.
  27. Shrink-a-Rooed! - The group is shrunken after one of Ludoviko's items gets loose on Earth, and in this time, Geraldine must come to terms with her fear of insects.
  28. A Secret Weapon
  29. Anna's Unlucky Day - Anna's always-happy personality is pushed to its limits after a serious of several unfortunate events befall her.
  30. A Double Dose of Smart - In her last desperate move, Lady Phoebe transforms into Geraldine and makes an attempt to separate The All-Star Magic Girls.
  31. Puppy Pandemonium - After Fiona's dog, Keiko, begins to act strangely, the girls discover a puppy and try to return it to its owner.
  32. The Big Scoop - Whitney contemplates stepping down as a reporter for the school newspaper after struggling to come up with anything good lately and incidentally angering a few people due to what she puts in it.
  33. Kennedy Quits - With no goals to call her own, Kennedy quits everything in search of this precious dream and understand why she works so hard to begin with.
  34. The Great Relay Race - Robyn encourages her friends to join her for the interclass relay coming up - but Juliana isn't confident in her running abilities and hesitates until the others help her feel better. But after overhearing other students badmouthing her, she backs out of it.
  35. Now You See Me, Now You Don't! - After another one of Ludoviko's inventions go missing, Kennedy and Fiona suddenly find themselves invisible after Anna and Daytona find it.
  36. Marathon Madness - Robyn and Geraldine run a school marathon, but Geraldine is unable to find the will to keep going, so the others join with them in hopes to encourage her.
  37. Wish Upon a Star
  38. The Ultimate Choice - With Anna's aid, the girls travel to Laputa Island in order to battle The Vulture Cops.
  39. The Mysterious Letter - The girls receive a strange letter and attempt to decipher it. This time, they learn that there are going to be new girls are going to join the All-Star Magic Girls very soon, so they start making plans on when the new girls will be joining and dividing the team into smaller, separate teams.
  40. A Mystery For Detective Fiona - Fiona plays detective after the cake she brought to Anna's house goes missing and accusations start to get thrown around.
  41. The New Girl - Serena arrives and becomes a member of the All-Star Magic Girls. Anna declares that the new team for the All-Star Magic Girls, the Sparkle Team, is starting to form.
  42. Serena the Newbie - Even after obtaining the powers of a magical girl, Serena finds herself overwhelmed with her new powers and attempts to gain control over them.
  43. The Second Sparkle - Serena attempts to figure out what it means to be a magical girl while hesitating to help Dorothy restore the Fashion Club.
  44. Magic or No Magic - Serena fears that she may be holding Dorothy back as a magical girl, realizing how much better at it she appears to be. As this is going on they find a similar situation occuring at school.
  45. Here Comes Elsa! - Elsa feels left out when Serena and Dorothy spend their time with dance practice and wishes to join them.
  46. The Good, The Bad, and The Kimi
  47. Friend or Fern
  48. Twin Power
  49. Bad Hair Day
  50. Books and Covers
  51. Trading Places
  52. Helicopter Girl
  53. Let's Go Party!
  54. I'm Ready
  55. Don't Let The Crush Be With You
  56. Dance!
  57. Copycat
  58. Photo Finish
  59. Frenemies
  60. Totally Busted
  61. The New Neighbor
  62. The Joyce of Magic - A new team is going to form, so Anna asks a new girl, Joyce, to help start it. 
  63. The Music That Matters


  • The All-Star Magic Girls: Girl Power! - The series finale movie.


Initial response to the series was met with positive feedback.




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