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The Boy of Destiny! is a anime series of 168 episodes, and 6 movies created by Bopdog111.


For many years, anime, and video games has dominated the Earth since the 1990s and have entertained many young fans from every country around the world. However, what they didn't know is that there is a world were all anime, and Video Game characters live peacefully.

The three greatest emperors the first Fou-Lu, the second Madoras, and the third Shao Kahn combinded them all and ruled a Kingdom in their with an Evil made with it has attacked. The Emperors used every bit of their power to defeat it. An oricle foretold it would return but will be stopped by a boy and his friends one-day.


A boy has gone off on a crazy adventure with friends by his side to save everyone from an ancient evil that has reawaken.


The heroes, villains, and many others.


Dallas Gravidor: The main male protagonist.

Yui Purge: The main female protagonist.

Inuyasha: A Half-Demon and a powerful adversary.

Ethelberd: The champion of the tournament.

Alphonse Elric: An Alchemist and the brother of the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Katsuie Shibata: A Retired general and a fierce warrior.

Roronoa Zoro: A Bounty Hunter.

Teepo: A traveler.


Fodorkahn: The main antagonist, and a Demon Queen.

Sachiko Shinozaki: the Torturer of Fodorkahn, and the mistress of blood.

Sebastian Michaelis: the Butler of Fodorkahn.

Captain Skunkbeard: A Ghost Pirate captain, and the main antagonist of Avast Ye Scallywag!

The Great Devourer: A giant snake used inavding Vellgander.

Metal Gear RAY: A giant robot used invading Vellgander.


Fou-Lu: One of the three emperors.

Madoras: One of the three emperors.

Shao Kahn: One of the three emperors.

Eldore: The father of Dallas.

Ino Yamanaka: The mother of Dallas.

Raiden: A General of the castle guard.

Blade Wolf: A robot created by Dallas.

Steven Armstrong: a Judge of the castle guard.

Cyrus: The captain of the castle guard.


Holy Blades: Dual swords wielded by Dallas Gravidor.

Purge Pistols: Dual Guns wielded by Yui Purge.

Tessaiga: A Demon Sword wielded by the hal-demon Inuyasha.

Blood Scissors: A Demon weapon wielded by the Mistress of Blood Sachiko Shinozaki.

High-Frequency Blade: Is the sword wielded by Raiden.

Champion Gauntlets: Gauntlets wielded by Ethelberd.

Dawnbreaker: The samurai sword said to purify the Undead.


Vellgander: The main location of the series and the kingdom of the three emperors.


1. The Boy of Importance... and the Girl of Torturing: The very first episode.


1. Avast Ye Scallywag!: The first movie about pirates.


Initial response to the series was met with positive feedback.




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