The Butterfly Curse
('Cho no noroi')
StudioJ.C Staff
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJuly 24, 2016
Opening SongFlash
Ending SongBaby Face

The Butterfly Curse is a MikuHatsune145 original fan serie. The themes are magic, curses and butterfly.


One day, in the kingdom of Arcania, a little girl was born from the Queen and King, she was named Himeko, everyone acclaimed the little girl and she was well welcomed but someone with evil intent put a curse on the newborn child. When everyone saw it, they saw the curse on the child: when Himeko opened her eyes, a blue butterfly appeared on her left eye, it causes her to take the life of everything she touches. Everyone fears her, she doesn't really have friends and she always stays in her room, she wears an eyepatch on her eye. Her parents always reassure her and tries to find a way to dispell the curse, but something catched their eye: whenever she touches a butterfly, she activates her other powers and can also bring life to the things she took the life off. With this, Himeko tries her best to find a way with her powers to dispell the curse. But that someone really wants that curse to stay forever...


  • Color: Blue

Himeko is the bearer of the Butterfly Curse, because of it she doesn't have any friend except the Prince Hiroshi, her powers are feared by a lot of people and she always cries in her room. Her parents loves her and since her birth, tries to find a cure to her curse, they are always here for her and she is glad to have her parents for her. She was shocked to see that she has other powers just by touching a butterfly, she can manipulate them at her will, when she used her other power of resurrection on a dead bunny, everyone was shocked to see that. Since then, Himeko works on her powers, she can astral project on the form of a blue butterfly, can shapeshift and manipulate and shape electricity at her will. She can also enter the dreams of others. Himeko is really kind, cute and is always ready to help, her childhood friend Hiroshi and her are really close. She defends herself with her Spirit Weapon Azura, Azura takes the form of a blue butterfly in its dormant form and into a blue/silver scythe in its weapon form. Himeko is really ready to dispel her curse with the help of her family and best friend.

  • Color: Yellow

Hiroshi is Himeko's best friend, he wasn't afraid of her the first time he saw her, they even becamed friends really fast, when she was crying because she was always alone, he went to her and he reassured her. He is clearly in love with her and has difficulty telling his feelings to her, as Himeko usually stays in her room and don't usually go out. He has powers too due to the magical alignement of his family, his angelic like powers allows him to protect his family and best friend. He also owns a Soul Weapon called Lestia which takes the form of a wolf, (because of a memories of him and Himeko when they saw a wolf), it can also take human form and takes the form of a sword. He is really protective of Himeko and almost sacrificied himself but Himeko saved him, because she didn't wanted to lose her best friend. He wants Himeko to be happy and live the happiest life.

  • Color: Red

Alcandra is Himeko's best friend since they are nine years old, she is a kitsune and manipulates fire, her people lives on the island besides Arcania and she is the princess of the people. She's dynamic, happy-go-lucky and always excited, she is the complete opposite of Himeko who is soft-spoken, elegant and cute, despite this they are very close and are best friends. She is very good at magic and uses fire as her element and is very athletic, her soul weapon is scarlet her red fox. She cares a lot about her friends and really wants Himeko to not bear her curse anymore, she knows a lot about magic and tries her best to cure her curse. Her best friends are what really counts for her and she is ready to help every person in need.

Soul Weapon

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