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The Fight
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Now all it needs is a city tumbleweed.
Japanese title 2魔法少女の間で決めるバトル(?)(A deciding battle (?) between two Magical girls)
Episode Information
Episode no. 6
Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo
Writers Gen Urobuchi, Jim Malone
Airdate September 2013 (USA)

2014 (Japan)

Languages English


Duration 24 Minutes
Studio SHAFT
Distributor 4Kids Entertainment

Magica Quartlet

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Kacey, the red-haired Magical Girl
Sabrina's Despair

The Fight is the 6th Episode of Magical Molly!


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Characters appearing[]

  • Molly Kelley
  • Hilda Adams
  • Sabrina Mickey
  • Kacey Stevens
  • Cubey
  • Judy Kelley


"Oh man, I'm so gonna beat you up!""
―Kacey Stevens, the stereotypical school bully.

Censorships/Changes from the original episode(s)[]

  • The DDR game that Kyouko dances is completely retooled as "Dance Dance Reinforcement"
  • The wine that Junko drinking is referred as "juice", thanks to its color.
  • Scenes of Sayaka dying is also retooled: Her eyes being closed instead of showing off lifeless eyes. This edit is also one of the most famous ones.

Continuity Errors[]

  • When Madoka appeared behind Sayaka when she's ready to duel with Kyoko without Kyubey's warning her?
  • Still no Carrot Sticks in Kyouko's mouth anyways...


  • The moment that the wine Junko is drinking is referred as "ice cold juice", but thank goodness they didn't edit this since the wine is colored orange.
  • The Pocky/Rocky biscuit box isn't Americanized, since Rocky is also imported to USA.
  • 4Kids were able to let Kyouko lift Sayaka's lifeless body?
  • You had the feeling that the show's nature is starting to DARKEN in the next episode?

Episode releases[]

The Episode is released along with Episode 5 in the 3rd Volume of the DVD, and along with the other 11 Episodes in the Blu-ray Box.

Japanese Version:[]

  • 2魔法少女の間で決めるバトル(?)(A deciding battle (?) between two Magical girls)

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