The Power of the Divine Eye
('Kami no me no pawā')
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunApril 28, 2016
Opening SongGaze
Ending SongMagic


Sora Belcourt is the son of powerful sorcerer, but since his childhood, someone want to get his hands on him, Klaus the chief of a band of dark sorcerers tried more than once to kidnap him. A mysterious identity protects him and his family since his childhood, this identity also communicates with Sora with telepathic powers. This person (who's identity is unknown to Sora for the moment), warns him that the people who want to threatens him are all around. Sora is extremely powerful, he is the wielder of a magic only himself can use and of strong telekinetic powers. His childhood bestfriend May Chesterfield, is also a powerful sorceress and helps him in his goal to help the mysterious identity and get rid of Klaus and his minions. But the truth he will discover is much more deeper than he tought...



  • Color: Sky blue

Sora is an extremely powerful sorcerer born from two powerful sorcerers, he is the wielder of the Divine Eye and of powerful telekinetic powers. He is very friendly, caring, protective, he will never abandon his bestfriend. He is protected by the mysterious identity since his childhood and want to know the truth about this identity. When he knew the truth he was even more determined to save him and his brother with the help of May. He loves reading, doing magic and talking with his Satoru, with his classmates he doesn't talk very much but with May and Satoru he is very talkative. He is studious, serious and intelligent, he is a promising student of the English School of Sorcellery and helps May alot. He has the strong will to take Klaus down, save his friends and his family.

  • Color: Green

May is the childhood bestfriend of Sora, she tought that she was weak and useless, but Sora reassured her, she learns to control her powers with him and with Satoru's help. She is very shy, friendly and kind, she works a lot on her powers, she is also very serious and studious. She loves making sweets, reading, listening to music, doing magic. May fell in love with Sora, she is deeply in love with him but hesitates to tell him about it, but as they got more closer, Sora started returning her feelings back for her. She loves flowers and animals, she has two adorable bunnies and a cat, she cares alot, she is a friend of nature and hates animal hurting.

  • Color: Lavender
  • Soul Element: Air

Satoru is the little twin brother of Sora, he protects him since his childhood, he started communicating with him when they were seven, their telepathic powers increased when they were eleven. He cares a lot about his brother, because he was locked and far away from his family when he was only 1 year old, he can't support being without them. He can share his visions with Sora and can see what he is doing, like they have the same eyes. Klaus tried to manipulate him, he wanted Satoru to consider him like a father, but Satoru knew about the trick. He helped Sora and May a lot, and when they succeed to save him, Sora and Satoru formed the link that prevent Klaus from absorbing their powers. Satoru is very friendly, shy, protective and caring, he is happy to be with his brother and found himself a friend, May. All three they are willing to take down Klaus and to live a happy life without anyone to threat them.


  • Color: Dark Red

Klaus is dark sorcerer who is known for doing misdeeds since centuries, despite not having a lot of powers, he is feared and he is also extremely manipulative. When he knew about the prophecy of two powerful twins, he send his minions to find them, he searched a lot before finding them. But his minions tought that Satoru was the twin with the eye, because at this moment, their eyes were closed. He can act awkwardly and can look like an idiot but he has powerful powers and is willing to rule over the magic community. When he will obtains the powers he wants, he would get rid of his minions and rule alone. Nobody knows his true plans, but Sora, May and Satoru wants to take him down whatever his plans are. Klaus is feared a lot but.....he is somewhat of an idiot.

  • Color: Yellow

Mary is the daughter of the powerful Maya Baltimore, her mother is known for saving England from an eternal night with her light powers. She is not a witch but she is an angel, but wanted to built a school of sorcellery to enlight children to control their powers. She wanted to use Sora so Klaus can get more powers, but he convinced her that Klaus is manipulating her (wich was true) and deciced to stop threatening him. Mary finally decided to help Sora and May to save Satoru before their thirteen birthday (the prophecy said that if they are not reunited before their thirteen birthday the link between them will shatter). Sora knows that she can get rid of Klaus, because she has light powers and he has darkness powers, he knows that she can do it. She has a son who is very young, she cares a lot about him and wants to make him a good and powerful angel. She is in fact a caring mother, a good teacher and helps her students a lot.

  • Color: Dark Purple

Derrick remplaced Mary, he is not very smart and doesn't have a lot of powers but possess a super strength that allows him to overpower his opponents easily. He becamed Klaus' right hand, despite not being very intelligent, the only thing he can do is using his super strength and his fire powers. He is somewhat useless and sometimes growls when he is angry (he is called a primitive by Sora, May and Satoru) and acts....cowardly. Klaus decided to get rid of him and put to work his plans alone.



Where it takes place, this is where the school is located and where May, Satoru and Sora lives, it is in England.

English School of Sorcellery

The school were wizards, mages, witches and other magic beings goes to learn how to control their powers and learn the arts of magic. It is directed by Mary Baltimore.

Belcourt House

The house where Sora and his family lives, it looks like an old-styled english house.

Chesterfield House

The house where May and her family lives, it looks like a modern english house.

Klaus Manor

The manor where Klaus lives, next to it is a tower where Satoru was kept, it is on a mini-island far away from the town.


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