He is a character in Shugo Chara Kirakira. He is going to take Tadase place on the Observers. He appeared in season 3 episode 1. He is 6 years old.


He has short Amber-colored hair, pale skin and indigo eyes.


He is mostly quiet and calm but can be stubborn at times.


Guardian Character

Name: Sotaro

Appearance: powder blue eyes, fair skin and dark red messy hair. He wears pastel purple pants, pastel blue short-sleeve shirt, pastel purple socks, pastel orange trainers, a ring with an azure circle, pastel green vest and red pants.

Personality: he is very excitable and energetic.

Egg Description: azure with white circle patterns.

History: he was born for his desire to be less stubborn and quiet.

Chara Symbols: circles

Character Change

Phrase: Dynamic, Fresh, Forceful

Weapons: none

Attacks: Super Glint - she sends out azure circles to distract the opponent.

What happens and what triggers it: he gets an azure scarf. He becomes more excitable and energetic. It can also be triggered if speaking to someone he doesn't know.

Character Transformation

Name: Lively Spirit

Appearance: same as Sotaro

Weapons: none

Attacks: Aqua Wave - he shoots a blue wave at his opponent.

Eternity Hurricane - A Hurricane of Baby blue circles comes out of his two hands towards the target. It purified the X-Eggs and X-Characters.

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