Transformation! The Snow Falls Again! is the first episode of Super Cute Snow White Witch! Princess Snow Wand!


Once upon a time, there lived a very beautiful girl named Snow White.  She was a princess with hair as black as night, lips as red as a rose, and skin as white as snow.  One day an evil witch put a curse on her that made her fall asleep.  She was put into a crystal casket made by seven of her closest friends.  The spell was finally broken by true love’s first kiss by a prince.  She married the prince and banished the evil witch.  She lived happily ever after in Fairy Tale Land, but then Evil End attacked.  She is now on earth with no memory of ever being a fairy tale princess.

10 year old Rikka Yukifubuki wakes up from a strange dream.  She has long black hair, dark blue eyes, and soft pink lips.  She is super sweet and super cute but very energetic young girl who loves fairy tales and stories of magic.  She lives in Sunudoroppu, Japan, which 7 miles south of Tokyo.  It is just like Tokyo but only a 8th its size.  Her favorite colors are blue and white.  Her most favorite fairy tale is Snow White and she loves the many different adaptations of it.

It is Sunday during late march of 2011, and she starts the new school year on Monday.  She gets on her favorite outfit, which is light blue dress that has puffy sleeves and a knee length skirt with white lace around the neck line, sleeves, and trim of the skirt.  She is wearing of blue ballet flats with knee length white socks.  Her hair is styled in 2 pony tails with red bows.

She then eats a bowl of cheerios and a glass of orange juice for breakfastShe then grabs her bag and tells her parents she will be out all morning shopping and having fun.  She grabs a chocolate ice cream cone and heads to the park first.  As she sits on the bench and eats her ice cream, she notices someone in trouble.

She asks the lady, “Miss, is anything wrong”.  The lady tells her, “Yes young lady, my cat is tuck in the tree”.Rikka tells the lady, “Don’t worry miss, I will get your cat down from tree for you”.  She climbs up the tree and picks up the cat nicely, but the branch breaks and they fall, luckily everyone is ok.  She gives the cat back to their owner, the lady says to her, “Thank you young lady”.  She says to the lady, “Your welcome Miss”.She then goes back to eating her ice cream.

After she finishes her ice cream, she decides to do some shopping.  She first heads to a local movie store, there she buys a DVD box set of the entire anime series of Lil’Pri.  She then heads to a local book store where she buys volume 1 of the Lil’Pri manga series.  

Around 11:30 am, Rikka decides to go for a walk through the park because it is such a nice day.  She suddenly hears an evil voice calling her name over and over again, about 13 times in all.  She looks and sees a weird women standing in midair, the women looks like an evil witch right out of a fairy tale.

The women says, “So I have found you at last Snow White”.  Rikka asks, “Who are you? Why did you call me Snow White?”  The weird women then says, “I am Evil Queen, and I am from Evil End. I am here to take away your magic powers forever Snow White”.  Rikka, who is very confused, questions Evil Queen, “Evil Queen? Evil End? Snow White? And magic powers? What are you talking about?”  Evil Queen then says, “You have no memories, and you don’t you can use magic.  This is even better than I thought, it’s perfect”.

Rikka, who is now even more confused and even a little scared, starts running away hoping the whole thing is just at trick of the mind.  Evil Queen starts chasing her by flying through the air while Rikka runs on the ground.  Rikka trips on a rock and falls to the ground.  She sits up and starts crying out of fear and confusion.

As Evil Queen is about to shoot a beam of dark energy straight at Rikka when a  voice yells “Stop”.  The voice comes from a women floating in midair, who looks like a beautiful and kind witch which is usually seen in anime.  The kind lady introduces herself, “I am the good witch Light Queen, and I shall never forgive you for making Rikka cry”.  Rikka stops crying after Light Queen shows up.Evil Queen gets angry and starts fighting with Light Queen.  Light Queen throws a diamond and platinum brooch to Rikka.

She shouts to Rikka, “Rikka, use the Snow Diamond to transform”.   Rikka, who is now more confused than ever, asks, “What did she mean by transform? What is this jewel? Who are those two? I have no idea what is going”.  The brooch suddenly starts glowing blue and white , and Rikka starts glowing in the same light as well.  She is transformed into a super cute witch.

She is now wearing a light blue dress that long off the shoulder sleeves and knee length  skirt with a royal blue ribbon around the waist tied in a back bow and a royal blue chest bow with the brooch in the center.  Her shoes are royal blue knee high boots.  Her earrings are pretty white snowflake studs.  Her necklace is a pearl chocker  with a snowflake pendant.  In her hair is a platinum tiara with diamonds that look like snowflakes.  Her hair has turned and become much longer.   Her lips have turned rose red and her eyes have turned light blue.  She is taller and appears 14 years old.

She then announces, “Snow White is tale loved by everyone! As the snow falls with beauty, My beauty shines on with kindness and generosity! Princess Snow Wand”.  Evil Queen says angrily, “Wait a minute, what has happened to that girl”.  Light Queen says proudly, “Yes, she has finally awakened”.  Rikka then notices what has happened to her and is extremely surprised.

She freaks out and says, “What am I wearing? What has happened to me?”She notices her voice has changed a little bit and says, “My voice? What has happened to my voice? It sounds like a 14 year olds voice”.  She also notices her physical appearance as well and says, “What? Why do I look so different? I have pink hair and look 14 years old”.  Rikka is even more confused than before.

Evil Queen decides to shoot a beam of dark energy at Rikka but she just jumps out of the way with great ease.  Rikka then says, “How did I do that? I am terrible at gymnastics usually”.  Rikka is still confused and still trying to understand what is going on right now.  She is just hoping it is all just a dream.Light Queen asks her, “Snow Wand help me fight Evil Queen”.

Rikka then tells her, “Me fight? But I always loose to my brother when we are fighting over the TV remote”.  Light Queen tells her, “Snow Wand, when you transform you can use powerful magic and gain amazing combat skills”.  Rikka asks her, “I have magic? You’re kidding right?”  

Light Queen then says to her, “Stop asking questions and help me already Snow Wand”.Rikka suddenly feels her courage rise with in herself.  She now knows what to do.  She pulls out a magic wand made out of platinum and is decorated with diamonds and silver snowflakes.  She twirls it around and yells out, “Snow Flower Spell”.  She manages to hit Evil Queen, who gets real angry and leaves the scene.Rikka, who is in shock over what just happened, says, “How did I do that? Why can I use magic? I hope this is just a dream”.

Light Queen comes up to her and says, “I am sorry Snow Wand, to say this was not a dream, but it was all real”.  Rikka then says to her, “What do you mean it was all real? This has to be a dream, magic is not real”.Light Queen says to her, “Look at yourself Snow Wand. How can you say magic is not real when you just used it?”  Rikka then says, “I still don’t understand how I did just moments ago. And I don’t know why I look like this right now”.

“Oh Snow Wand” says Light Queen. “You still don’t understand. It is your destiny to fight Evil Queen and someday return to Fairy Tale Land”. Rikka then says, “Fairy Tale Land? What are you talking about? Are you saying I am like some kind of fairy tale character?”  Light Queen then gets nervous and says, “Well, Um, see you later”.  She then leaves the scene in huge hurry.

Leaving a confused Rikka behind, Rikka is turned back to normal all of a sudden, she is relieved to be back to normal once again.  As she walks home, she cannot seem to get the whole incident put of her mind.


  • Rikka Yukifubuki  / Princess Snow Wand 
  • Light Queen
  • Evil Queen


  • This is the first episode of Princess Snow Wand.
  • Light Queen is based on the good witches usually seen in anime.
  • Rikka is given the power to become Princess Snow Wand.
  • Rikka is left even more confused at the end of the episode.
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