This is the place where I will write down ideas for my series, Cinderella ~Another Story~.


  • Rara - Shes one of the fairy godparents adviser and mentor.
  • Yosei occasionally tell good advice to Iona.
  • Iona leaves her CD that has all her songs she sang in it at Akihiro's place by accident when her time limit of being out was up .
  • Kazuyo does the opposite of what fairy god mothers do. Instead of granting wishes, he makes Mia's life worst and says that if she doesn't try to be nice to Iona, he will make her and Ria's life so miserable that they would regret ever being mean to Iona.
    • Kazuyo must make Mia nicer to Iona. He she refuses three times even with his magic, he must give up. He she does become nicer to Iona, Mia must make Ria nice as well for Kazuyo to pass his assignment. If he fails his assignment, he takes a much easier one.