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Witches are evil beings made from the sadness of the humans, especially Magical Girls (For example, Sabrina & Molly).

List of Witches appearing[]

The Garden Witch[]

The witch appeared in Episode 1. Molly's new dayA Promise to make

The Witch of Delusions[]

Appears in the beginning of Episode 3, which she was defeated by Maria.Maria's last battle?

The Dessert Witch[]

Appears in the Episode 3, She banished Maria, and it was ultimately defeated by Hilda.Maria's last battle?

The TV Witch[]

Appears in Episode 4, which she lures the humans into a suicide party, and held Molly as her victim, but the witch was defeated by Sabrina.The sword-wielding Magical Girl

The Shadow Witch[]

Appears in Episode 7, which she was defeated by Sabrina's rage.Sabrina's Despair

The Mermaid Knight Witch[]

Appears in Episode 9, which was made by Sabrina's sadness.The shocking truth The witch is banished via Kacey's sacrifice.The Mermaid Knight Witch She also appears in Timeline 3, which she was killed by Hilda's bombs.Prelude

The Ultimate Clockwork Witch[]

The most powerful witch existed. Appears in every single timeline, including Timelines 1-3, Molly's dream (which was also Timeline 4), & the final timeline (5).Molly's new dayPreludeHilda's decision However the witch is ultimately defeated by Molly. Farewell, Molly

She was referred as "The Great Walpurgis" by HIida.The shocking truth


Magical Molly! Action Figure Series[]

  • Lotte
    • This would make a great army builder.

      Release Date: April 2014
    • Wave: 3
    • Japanese ID Number: MM-AFC-10
    • Accessories: 2 interchargable hands, spear, display stand

A figure of Lotte (appearing in the comics) is made as a part of Hasbro's Magical Molly! Action Figure series. She sports 12 points or articulation, for a usual basic figure. Her inner waist sports a metal rod, for preventing any breakage of her fragile waist. Her spear is molded with clear plastic, and painted black in some parts. her thin braids are made out of PVC.

She only costs a little for a 1/10 Scale figure made by Max Factory/Hasbro. On the bright side, you can buy multiple Lottes for your army building stuff.

Like the other first 2 waves of the Magical Molly! Action figures, she was packaged in a blister card.

Since the figure hit the stores, the toys had been shelf-warming since then. Some figures are available for orders in the Magical Molly! comic books.

The Japanese release sports a lighter purple paintjob on the face.


  • Originally those witches was intended to renamed as "Nightmares", but since the name is used for the new enemies in the 3rd PMMM Movie, they keep the word witches instead.
  • So far Lotte is the only Magical Molly! Action figure made. As for the rest, their development is currently unknown this time.