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Yozora Kohaku
夜空 紅白 Yozora Kohaku
Season Mirai Pretty Cure
Age 15
Gender Female
Eye Color Pink (Kohaku)

Blue (Night)

Hair Color Pink (Kohaku)

Lilac (Night)

Home Place Miraihime Town
First Appearance MPC01
Alter Ego Cure Night
Theme Color Pink (main)

Lilac (sub)

Yozora Kohaku (夜空 紅白 Yozora Kohaku) is one of the two main characters in Mirai Pretty Cure. She is a famous idol who prefers being alone and is also very fond of writing books. Her alter ego is Cure Night (キュア ナイト Kyua Naito).



Kohaku is a famous idol who prefers to be alone and is very distant to everyone around her. She has been on her own since she was five years old, fending for herself and protecting people who needed to get away from bad people. Kohaku lives at her manager's house and has developed a crush on him but keeps the feeling to herself, afraid she'll be kicked out. When she meets Asano Mika, she comes out of her shell a bit and becomes kinder to her fans and starts replying to her fan letters. Kohaku also loves to read books, which make her dream of becoming an author as well as being an idol. She writes a few books and in one of her concerts, she announces that she has finished her first book and that it is going to be published in time for her next concert.



Asano Mika - Her friend that she meets in Episode 4. She is also her Pretty Cure partner, Cure Morning, and enjoys being with her.

Minamino Makoto - Kohaku's manager. She develops a crush on him but keeps the feelings to herself so she won't be kicked out. She lives at his place due to having no one else to take her in.

Star - Kohaku's mascot partner. Star is always there for Kohaku in her hard times and is always giving ideas to her for novels or new songs.

Cure Night

"Stars sparkling at night, Cure Night!"
"星は夜に輝く、 キュア ナイト!"
"Hoshi wa yoru ni kagayaku, Kyua Naito!"